3rd Party Integration


Sync new prospects directly to Outreach.

Scrape leads from Linkedin, send them right to Outreach

With Wiza, you're able to scrape Linkedin Sales Navigator searches to generate lead lists. With this new integration, you'll now be able to send the prospects you find through Wiza directly to Outreach.

    Key Features

    Scrape Linkedin Sales Navigator

    Linkedin has an amazing number of potential prospects to get in touch with using Outreach, but it takes a long time. Wiza makes the process instant.

    Find hundreds of prospects in minutes

    With Wiza, you can download entire lead lists or searches. Wiza's Outreach integration lets you add them to your campaigns instantly.

    Only receive verified emails

    Wiza only provides verified email addresses. No more worrying about bounced emails in your outbound emails.

    Complete prospect profile

    Wiza provides you with enough information for a comprehensive profile, like job title, company, location, and much more.

    Sync prospects right to Outreach

    Once you've found your prospects using Wiza, just click the "Sync" button, and they'll instantly be sent to your Outreach prospect list.

    Automatically tag prospects

    Wiza leads are tagged so you can segment them. We'll include a "Wiza" tag, as well as a tag for the folder the scan was in, and the scan name itself