3rd Party Integration


Improve sales conversations by integrating Outreach and Wingman.

Wingman provides native integration with Outreach

Outreach focuses on automation for sales teams by creating a sequence of emails, calls and tasks for engaging with a prospect. But no one has the time to listen to every single call, identify key moments and map out trends. That’s where Wingman comes in. Wingman transcribes, annotates and analyses sales calls so you can improve sales conversations by understanding the voice-of-customer at scale, A/B test sales pitches, coach reps for success and have better visibility into sales pipeline.

    Key Features

    Quick refresher before your next call

    Whether it’s the engaging question asked, or the follow-up actions discussed, Wingman automatically pulls the calls from Outreach, analyses them, and makes the data available at a single glance.

    Be more customer-centric

    Wingman AI helps you with the information that is contextual to the customer problem, so you can more confident in your approach and have a meaningful sales conversation.

    Avoid endless scrolls

    No more wasting time searching for the calls to coach. Wingman helps you find the right call and gives you the insights, without you listening to a single call.

    Enable coaching that is always on

    Wingman helps you review an hour-long call in less than 10 mins, identify knowledge gaps, and share instant feedback with your team that is bite-sized and actionable.

    Scale your teams faster

    With Wingman, you can build a library of best coachable moments from sales conversations, share it with the new hire, and scale a team in less than 60 days vs 180 days.

    Improve forecast accuracy

    Stop relying on guesstimates. Wingman give you the ability to forecast accurately by helping you identify 100% guaranteed deals in the pipeline, and define an act to close deals faster.