3rd Party Integration


The easiest way to add video into your outreach.

Connect, convert & close with video. Free in Outreach.

Vidyard is the easiest way for sales reps to record and send videos at every stage of the sales funnel. Record and send high-impact videos - right from Outreach. Create personal video messages that build rapport with prospects, or upload polished demos and customer testimonials to create custom playlists that keep the deal moving. Keep track of who's watching what, so you can prioritize your follow-ups.

    Key Features

    Get Started For Free

    Vidyard is integrated right into Outreach, so it's easy to get started with video. After installing, look for the video icon when composing an email.

    Record Your Camera or Screen

    Use video at every stage of the deal. Record introductions, product demos, proposal walkthroughs, and more to get the buy-in you need

    Prioritize Your Follow-ups

    Sell smarter, not harder. Vidyard helps you keep track of which prospects watch your videos, so you can follow up with the most engaged leads.

    Manage The Vidyard Application In Outreach

    Admins can now manage your company's use of the integration in the Outreach org settings. Select which Vidyard events you feed into Outreach.

    Use Filters To Manage The Vidyard Activity You See

    For Vidyard for Teams users - Vidyard will post when somebody begins and watches a designated percentage of your video directly into your Outreach activity feed.

    Trigger Off Video Views

    For Vidyard for Teams users - after your prospect watches your video, use Outreach triggers to customize what happens next.