3rd Party Integration


Connect Outreach to Slack and Microsoft Teams.

Never Miss a Prospect Engagement

Troops connects your Outreach to Slack or Microsoft Teams, allowing your Go To Market Teams to get real-time alerts on any important updates to prospects, emails or sequences. Troops ensure that your Go To Market Teams never miss an important signal, and are always able to follow up with the right prospect at the right time with the right message.

    Key Features

    Accounts that haven’t been touched in x days

    Quickly identify accounts that need to be sequenced.

    Prospect click count / open count / engagement score changes

    Focus on contacts with rising engagement scores.

    Time-sensitive tasks due

    Notify reps when they have a task due such as as a new prospect added to a hot handraiser sequence.

    Engaged prospect has finished a sequence

    Help reps identify when a prospect has completed a sequence and can be added to a new sequence or moved to nurturing.

    Overdue Tasks

    Managers can easily keep track of their teams’ overdue tasks and help keep them on schedule.

    Sequence performance signals

    Quickly identify high and low performing sequences and help optimize performance.