3rd Party Integration


Make reps experts at selling into different industries, use cases, personas.

What if you could have BOTH quantity AND quality, at scale?

Outreach drives volume. Tribyl drives effectiveness. Tribyl uses A.I. to mine A reps' emails and calls, and creates a live playbook that captures why and how customers buy. Tribyl integrates into your prospecting workflow. Emails are populated with relevant pain points and stories, driving open and response rates. Prescriptive discovery call plans improve conversion. Transcripts are summarized in MEDDIC format, making coaching actionable.

    Key Features

    Email personalization at scale

    Tribyl inserts prospect-relevant messaging into email sequences, including pain points, use cases, KPIs, and stories, improving open and reply rates.

    Prescriptive Call Plans

    Tribyl provides one-click access to prescriptive discovery call plans, based on A reps' conversations with similar prospects, improving conversion.

    Smart note-taking and automated hand-offs

    Tribyl transcribes Outreach calls, and generates a meeting summary in MEDDIC format. This saves reps time, and makes coaching scalable and actionable.

    Conversational content and smart recommendations

    Tribyl's playbook provides bite-sized content and stories that can be easily injected into sales conversations. Content is ranked based on relevance.

    Data-driven coaching

    Tribyl enables data-driven coaching at scale. Is John getting better at identifying compelling events? Who's the best at storytelling?

    One-stop workspace for sellers

    Tribyl provides a full fledged, smart and inutitive workspace to sellers. It's where content, coaching, process, and collaboration come together.