3rd Party Integration


A new way to communicate, with interactive video.

Convert more leads using personalized videos at scale

With Tolstoy, engaging prospects and booking meetings has never been easier. Directly from Outreach, you can quickly share personalized, branching video messages to connect with leads instantly, and at scale. Create in-depth product walkthroughs and include in-video CTAs to elevate your communication and accelerate your sales pipeline. With multi-step video, you can automatically qualify leads and gain deeper insights that will allow you to be efficient and proactive with your leads.

    Key Features

    Get Started for Free

    With the Tolstoy and Outreach integration, sending interactive videos via email has never been easier. Install the Tolstoy app so you can get started right away.

    Qualify and Engage Leads using Interactive Video

    Add Call To Actions in-video to let leads choose exactly what they want to learn about, and even enable them to respond or book a meeting directly through the video too.

    Easily Record your Screen and Camera

    With the Chrome Extension, you can record your screen and camera with just one click. Quickly connect personalized introductions to existing videos so you can send send custom messages at scale through Outreach.

    Deep Insight and Analytics

    Branching videos deliver deeper analytics. Easily measure performance, engagement, and results of your Outreach campaigns, and get real-time notifications so you can be proactive with your leads.

    Easily Share Video GIF in Email

    Send an auto-generated GIF linking to your interactive video directly from your Outreach emails.

    Fast Outreach with Video Templates

    Record multi-step template videos that you can re-use for all of your leads to scale and speed up your outreach process. You can share details about your company, discuss pain points, and give prospects a taste of who you are.