Breakdown data silos and accelerate data-driven decisions with Outreach + Snowflake

Improve rep efficiency with Outreach Data Sharing on the Snowflake Data Cloud

With Outreach Data Sharing, sales leaders can optimize their sales strategies by extracting the raw data created by their seller activities and interactions in Outreach. Once combined with other enterprise data in Snowflake, revenue teams can gain more sophisticated insights that empower them to make more data-driven decisions.

    Key features

    Insights that optimize sales strategies

    By combining the data in Outreach with other enterprise data in Snowflake, revenue teams can use the insights to optimize sales strategies by running exploratory, descriptive and predictive analyses that reveal new opportunities and areas where rep productivity can be enhanced.

    Reduce time to insights

    Outreach Data Sharing gives large scale, instant access to Outreach data as rich, readable tables that can be queried through Snowflake’s SQL-based interface. Data is easily accessible to analysts and data scientists and doesn’t require managing complex database objects or pipeline integrations.

    Analysts also save time with clean, organized tables in an easy-to-query format using Snowflake’s SQL-based syntax. Shared data stays up-to-date via a daily sync and improvements can be rolled out without any need to involve engineering to adapt to changes.

    Securely access data through your Snowflake account

    Outreach uses Snowflake’s secure data sharing technology to ensure no data is copied or transferred between accounts. That means customers using Snowflake can view, join, compute, and query data just as though these tables lived in their own Snowflake account. Additionally, Snowflake’s unique services layer and metadata store ensures that data sharing is secure while access is managed for end users - so only the right users can see data.