3rd Party Integration


Crush your pipeline goals by efficiently engaging with prospects.

Identify ICP-fit prospects and automate your engagement at scale

Sales teams often spend a great deal of time on the repetitive aspects of prospecting - laboriously searching for contact details on siloed systems and manually transferring data to a spreadsheet. What if they can spend more time connecting with ICP-fit prospects, setting up meetings, and selling to them? The Slintel and Outreach integration allows your sales team to uncover lead information based on their tech stack compatibility from Slintel’s Chrome Extension and perform bulk lead pushes to Outreach with a single click. Eliminating manual data entry tasks and automating engagement helps your sales team book more meetings, ensuring a steady pipeline.

    Key Features

    Save time by adding prospects directly to a sequence in Outreach

    Seamlessly add prospects to a sequence in Outreach directly from Slintel’s Chrome Extension. Save efforts on manually tracking what to communicate with prospects at different stages of the buying cycle. Additionally, eliminate time spent toggling between systems to manually enter data and maximize time spent on revenue-generating activities manually.

    Organize prospect and account data

    Assign tags to prospects or accounts directly while exporting from Slintel’s Chrome Extension. Organize data using labels for attributes or keywords which are automatically reflected in Outreach.

    Map fields while exporting leads to Outreach

    Map Outreach fields with Slintel to ensure that the information transferred from Slintel’s Chrome Extension shows up accurately in Outreach. Field Mapping for prospects/accounts gives you option to overwrite your existing Outreach data with Slintel data, or fill your Outreach fields only when they are blank in Outreach for each field.