3rd Party Integration


Personalize your outreach strategy with direct mail, gifts, and eGifts

Engage prospects in meaningful, new ways with the leading Sending Platform

Stand out from the competition with meaningful outreach that inspires action with Sendoso, the leading Sending Platform. Sendoso customers see an average 55% increase in net new opportunities by creating authentic connections that show prospects you care. Send a coffee eGift before an event to encourage prospects to stop by your booth. Show them you’re listening by sending personalized gifts based on their interests and hobbies. If they’re a sports fan, send them a blanket with their favorite team or give them tickets to a game.

    Key Features

    Send eGifts from Your Outreach Email

    After installing the integration, use Sendoso to send eGifts immediately - directly from your Outreach email.

    Trigger Off Package Delivery

    After your package is delivered, use Outreach triggers to add your prospect to a follow-up sequence or customize your next best action.

    Add a Personalized Touch into Your Sequences to Boost Response Rates

    Send Sendoso Touches directly from Outreach to individual people via the Sendoso Google Chrome plugin.

    Use Filters to Manage the Sendoso Activity You See

    Sendoso will post events directly into your Outreach activity feed so you can track the status of your gift without ever leaving Outreach.+

    Manage the Sendoso Application in Outreach

    In the Outreach Org settings, admins can now manage your company's use of the integration by selecting which Sendoso events you choose to feed into Outreach.