3rd Party Integration


Find your ideal prospects and export them directly to Outreach.

Target your ideal prospects & accelerate revenue growth

With the SalesIntel's Outreach integration, there’s no more need for manual imports and exports. Now you can export human verified contacts directly to Outreach from inside SalesIntel. Set tags and sequences, assign sequence owners, and SalesIntel will even check for duplicate records.

    Key Features

    Easy and Fast Export Process

    Find your ideal prospects, build your lists and export directly to Outreach with a click of a button. It couldn't be easier.

    Prevent Duplicate Records

    SalesIntel checks to see if you've selected contacts that already exist in Outreach and automatically removes duplicate records for you.

    Access the Highest Quality, Human Verified Data

    Our world class research team and 95% accurate data gives you the confidence you need to execute your ABM campaigns.

    Set Record Tags and Add to Sequences

    Before you export, set your record tags, choose sequences to add contacts to and assign record owners.

    Accelerate Your Sales Pipeline

    Quit wasting time on prospecting and data management and cleanup. Bring actionable intelligence right into your sales process and start selling!

    Target Your Ideal Prospects

    With the most comprehensive and accurate contact and company data available you know you're always targeting the right prospects.