3rd Party Integration


Supercharge your inside sales team.

Easily run competitive power hours, access daily leaderboards, and coach your team from afar – all inside of Slack.

SalesCompete was born out of necessity. Having experienced the pain behind remotely managing an inside sales team during very uncertain times, we set out to solve the equation behind how to maintain a culture of competition amongst our sales reps. Use SalesCompete to: - Automate power hours inside of Slack - Access real-time slash commands inside Slack to pull Outreach stats and daily/weekly leaderboards - Access real-time call recordings and sales retros inside Slack, powered by Outreach - Setup meeting bounties inside Slack to gamify and reward your team for booking meetings with target accounts

    Key Features

    Daily Slack Kickoffs

    Keep your remote team engaged and competitive with once daily leaderboard messages, trivia, and inspiring quotes.

    Automated Power Hours

    Run power hours inside of Slack and setup prizes for your team to win.

    Easy, Real-Time Coaching

    Setup the bot to send the latest conversation recordings from your team every hour for easy feedback inside of Slack.

    Quick Access Leaderboards

    Quickly access the latest Outreach stats and numbers for your team with slash commands inside of Slack.

    Automated Meeting Bounties

    Setup meeting bounties with prizes to encourage your team to target specific named accounts.

    Sales Goals & Targets

    Setup individual and team goals across five different metrics all inside of Slack.