3rd Party Integration


Take immediate action on key contacts within target accounts for better and more effective selling.

Gain a deeper understanding of engagement across the buying committee and take action with Contact Insights.

RollWorks’ Contact Insights allow sellers to easily find the most relevant information around their target accounts and streamline their prospecting efforts. Sellers are given the ability to build out the buying committee at target accounts and have a clear view of all existing contacts within those accounts, including data points that cross-reference with Account Spike details and with marketing and sales touchpoints surfaced through Journey Events. The integration allows sellers to take immediate action on these data points and prioritize their engagement with prospects without ever leaving their CRM. Surfaced contacts can be added directly into Outreach sequences and engaged at the most optimal times in the buying journey.

    Key Features

    Streamline Sales Workflows

    RollWorks’ Contact Insights give sellers a clear view of buyer engagement all in one place, including cross-referenced contact-level Account Spike details and marketing and sales touchpoints, giving a deeper understanding of engagement across the buying committee and allowing for more streamlined and effective prospecting efforts.

    Prioritize and Personalize Engagement

    With a more in-depth understanding of how key contacts have engaged, sellers can better plan and execute on personalized messaging in order to deliver seamless, tailored buying experiences.

    Build out the Buying Committee

    As sellers begin to engage with key contacts within target accounts, gaps within the buying committee can be determined, filled in, and engaged for multi-threaded outreach.