3rd Party Integration


Make the most of your Outreach sequences with AI-based sourcing and optimization.

Autonomous Research, Prospecting and Optimization

No more outbound legwork and guess work. RightBound leverages AI to continuously mine dozens of data sources, constantly finding new target accounts and relevant prospects that match your ideal customer profile. A stream of relevant leads is steadily pushed directly into your Outreach, already enriched with verified contact information, assigned to the right sequence and the right sales rep. Finally, machine learning is used to learn from your sequence results and your sales reps’ activities, fine-tuning future sourcing. RightBound also analyzes your sequence steps, optimizing the timing, channel and content of your next outreach step per individual prospect.

    Key Features

    Automated Research

    RightBound automatically leverages the best of breed data sources - so you don’t have to. Our machine constantly finds new accounts that match your target criteria and prospects that fit your persona, saving your team the heavy lifting of account research.

    Contact Enrichment

    No more legwork scouting several resources for accurate contact information, email and phone. RightBound sources and enriches leads at 90% guaranteed accuracy.

    Seamless Sync with Outreach.io and Lead Routing

    Leads are automatically pushed into Outreach.io and assigned to the relevant sales reps, based on territory or any other routing rule. Leads are then set with the best sequence for the sales rep to follow, based on their initial engagement level.

    Autonomous Outreach Optimization

    Your outreach is optimized per individual target prospect, based on a learning AI model - way beyond what’s humanly possible. Timing, order, content and channel are all dynamically selected and optimized per each individual prospect to maximize the likelihood of engagement.

    Continuous Feedback Loop

    AI learns and analyzes your outbound sales reps’ results and autonomously applies optimization to future targeting, prioritization, and outreach flows.