3rd Party Integration


Automatically create impactful, buyer-persona driven sequences without the guesswork in less than 5 minutes.

Identify your audience, create your strategy, and write data-driven emails engineered to convert

Sales teams are constantly trying to find new, innovative ways to reach out to (and convert) prospects. Regie helps you create a sophisticated, multi-touch email strategy that’s ready for launch. As Regie gathers performance data, you'll learn what works, what doesn't, and make more intentional changes that lead to better opportunities and new revenue.

    Key Features

    Identify Your Audience

    Different management levels, functions, and industries have different goals and pain. Your sequences should reflect that. Choose your workflow, add your buyer persona(s), pain point(s), and unique value propositions, and Regie will automatically create and export content that is Outreach ready.

    High Performing Content

    Regie has done the work to collect, test, and evaluate the effectiveness of 1.8 billion sales activities across hundreds of thousands of sequences to back up our content recommendations for your buyer.

    Custom Personas

    Use the subject line, tone of voice, and email timing proven most appealing to your buyer with 9,100+ buyer persona combinations to help you target the perfect role, department, and industry for your pitches & follow-ups.

    Proven Sequences

    Automatically generate the most effective outbound, inbound, and follow-up sequences for your unique audience to accelerate your most critical sales channels and build a healthy pipeline of leads.