3rd Party Integration


Accelerate your sales cycles from clicks to conversations to close.

Instantly engage target accounts in real-time conversations the moment they click through an Outreach email sequence and arrive on your website.

Sales teams are under constant pressure to close deals with target accounts. They focus significant time outbounding across multiple touchpoints, and email has become the ultimate battleground. With Qualified for Outreach, sales reps have a modern tool in their toolkit to help them meet with their most valuable prospects. They no longer need to wait for an email reply to get a meeting on the books. Instead, sales reps can capitalize on that “magic moment” when a prospect arrives on your website from an email sequence to instantly start a conversation that’s consistent across channels. This results in more web conversions, more pipeline, and more closed/won business. Plus, it provides a seamless buying experience, helping you move from click to close faster than ever before. In short, sales teams use Outreach to prospect into target accounts and Qualified to close them.

    Key Features

    Engage in Seamless Conversations with Qualified LiveView

    With Qualified’s proprietary LiveView technology, sales teams can watch visitors browse their site in real time. With Outreach, sales reps can also see how they arrived on the site through referral details— like subject line, sequence name, and visitor email address—then start an informed, seamless conversation with cross-channel insights.

    Understand Your Prospects with Qualified Visitor 360

    Qualified traverses your data platforms in milliseconds to form a complete profile of each website visitor, known as Visitor 360. With Outreach, sales teams can see everything about their visitor including the referring sequence, the sequence state, and the email sender to get deeper visibility into their prospects.

    Trigger Custom Messages with Qualified Experiences

    Qualified Experiences appear the moment a visitor arrives on your site and can vary from a simple greeting to complex qualifying questions. They can also offer the Qualified Meeting Booker to effortlessly schedule time with sales reps who are offline. With Qualified for Outreach, you can trigger custom Experiences based on Outreach sequences to deliver a consistent message across channels.

    Identify and Prioritize Outreach Prospects with Qualified Segments

    With large volumes of website traffic, it can be difficult to organize and prioritize your high-value visitors. Qualified Segments helps you identify Outreach prospects and separates them from the noise so you can engage with your most valuable buyers the moment they arrive.

    Route Prospects to the Right Salesperson with Qualified Routing

    Qualified leverages unique Outreach data to route website visitors once they arrive from an Outreach email. This means the email sender and prospect owner are instantly alerted that a prospect has arrived and can welcome them directly on the website with a tailored greeting.

    Get More Context with Outreach Activity Feed

    The Outreach Activity Feed provides an overview of action within the Outreach platform. With Qualified for Outreach, sales teams can store Qualified conversations directly inside the activity feed to get more context before jumping into a sales call.