3rd Party Integration


Record, add and track video and content from any email you send

Use Video, Content and Web Pages to Close Deals Faster

The OneMob platform will allow sales people to record, add and track video and content from any email you send in Outreach. The end results will 1) make Outreach more personal and effective, resulting in more responses and opportunities and 2) provide sales people with real time insights around which content is being consumed by the buyer during their journey. All this engagement data can be tracked to your CRM too.

    Key Features

    Record or Upload Any Video

    Easily record a company branded video from OneMob's mobile, web and Chrome app.

    Screen Recording

    Record your screen and face to make your demos and presentations more engaging.

    Advanced Video Editing

    Make the perfect video with our teleprompter, watermarks, filters, green screen, trimming and text overlay technology.

    Share and Track Any Content

    Combine documents, images, URLs and call-to-action buttons with your videos when selling.

    Realtime Alerts

    Get notified in realtime on any engagement from video watched, document viewed, button clicked and more.

    CRM Integration

    Automatically track all your OneMob engagement back to Salesforce or MS Dynamics to enrich your CRM.