3rd Party Integration


Full funnel visibility for your outbound prospecting team

Understand your funnel. Track outbound metrics that matter

Tracking critical performance metrics is a challenge for outbound sales teams. Outbound prospecting data is spread across 5 different records, which makes it hard to understand which strategies work and which don't. By combining all prospecting data into a single record, OBMetrix helps sales and marketing leaders understand their outbound prospecting funnel. Stop focusing on vanity metrics and start building more pipeline!

    Key Features

    Team-level outbound prospecting funnel

    Zoom out and understand your outbound prospecting funnel at the team level. You sell to companies, not individuals. Your metrics should reflect that.

    Outbound pipeline forecasting

    Forecasting future outbound pipeline is a challenge without funnel metrics. With OBMetrix, you'll know exactly what it takes to generate new pipeline.

    Conversion rate tracking at the company level

    If your SDR team approaches 100 companies, how many engage with you? How many take a meeting? How many become opportunities? OBMetrix tells you.

    Success vs failure metrics for outbound

    What is the perfect number of contacts to sequence per account? How many activities does it take, on average to set a meeting? OBMetrix tells you.

    Rep-level outbound conversion metrics

    Which reps are the most efficient at turning targets into meetings? OBMetrix tells you.

    Rep-level outbound activity metrics

    Which reps approach the most targets and prospect into the most contacts per company? OBMetrix tells you.