Native Integration

Microsoft Exchange

Connect your Exchange email address to Outreach to send as yourself, no matter where you are.

Being in Seattle has allowed our engineering team to meet directly with the Microsoft Exchange team to build a world-class integration.

    Key Features

    Email Without Leaving

    The communication sidebar allows you to email your contacts and leads from any page without leaving CRM.

    Email With Context

    By not leaving CRM users can leverage the context from the Lead or Contact to write the most personalized messages.

    Gmail & Exchange

    Outreach brings your own inbox to CRM by integrating into your email server. Just like your mobile phone does.


    Outreach connects with Office365 quickly and easily through the oAuth2 protocol, enabling secure sending and reply detection.

    Exchange 2007, 2010

    Outreach is compatible with with even the oldest Exchange versions, which require different protocols to communicate for sending and reply detection.

    Exchange 2013, 2016

    Outreach continues to stay up to date with newer Exchange releases as they come out.