3rd Party Integration


Locate B2B contact & company data and save it directly to your Outreach CRM.

Reach your ideal future customers + save data to Outreach.

Most SDRs search for prospect contact details outside of Outreach. This leads to less time spent selling, and more time spent searching for contact details, conducting sales discovery and copy-pasting data into Outreach. Lusha lets you save prospect details to Outreach and select the correct sales engagement sequence according to segmentation. Prospect's contact and company details are copied into the correct fields in Outreach and saved to a sequence in just one-click.

Key Features

Save prospects directly to your Outeach sequences

Push prospect’s data into Outreach and choose a sequence in just one-click. With Lusha you can create workflow automations that immediately work.

B2B contact data at your fingertips

With Lusha's accurate B2B contact data (personal phone numbers and emails,) reach your prospects and close more deals than ever before.

Save Contacts to Outreach from Linkedin + B2Bsites

Use Lusha to locate and save prospect info from social media networks like LinkedIn, directly into your Outreach CRM.