3rd Party Integration


Deep visibility into every conversation so your company wins together

Analyze and share calls so the whole team can learn together

We are on a mission to help ambitious sales & success teams reach their goals and grow. By breaking down the barriers that have prevented coaching & collaboration we help teams unlock their potential. With all your Outreach calls automatically imported into Jiminny, you can search, listen, and share knowledge to the entire organization. When everyone from marketing, product and finance truly understands your customer, that’s when magic happens.

    Key Features

    Import your Outreach calls seamlessly into Jiminny

    Each call is transcribed, analyzed, and searchable in our coaching platform. Finally make coaching & collaboration happen in your team and beyond.

    Share a clip or the full call to anyone

    You can share within Jiminny, through Slack, or export your recording to anyone. You'll even get a notification when they listen back.

    Let your reps be the best version of themselves

    Reps can listen back to their calls, review stats and be better prepared next time. Or listen to teammates calls to understand points for improvement.

    Sales enablement - without the effort!

    Your most valuable content are your conversations with customers! Use this to curate Playlists for onboarding new hires, sharing info across teams.

    Identify what "good" looks like

    Create a score card to outline expectations on each type of call or meeting. Reps can score their own calls and teammates to provide easy feedback.

    Learn from the voice of your customer

    Feedback to the key to growth - not just for your reps. Unlock the insights your entire organization needs to evolve.