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Crush your number with the best in chat

Qualify leads, book more meetings and supercharge your sales and marketing pipeline with chat

Intercom is the customer messaging platform that drives faster growth through better relationships. With Intercom, you can boost sales and add new revenue by proactively engaging leads on your website with the Intercom Messenger, automatically qualifying and routing leads with bots 24/7 and chatting with your best leads in real time.

    Key Features

    Get Insights You Need From Sales or Support Conversations

    See a full transcript of your Intercom sales or support conversations in your Outreach activity feed. Close the loop by connecting all of the parts of your lead or customer's journey.

    Trigger Off Intercom Messages

    After you've chatted with your lead or customer on Intercom, use Outreach triggers to customize what happens next - to follow up on a support ticket or convert on a lead.

    Manage The Intercom Application In Outreach

    Admins can now manage your company's use of the integration in the Outreach org settings. Select which Intercom events you want in Outreach activity feeds.

    Use Filters To Manage The Intercom Activity You See

    Intercom will post new conversations, lead or customer messages, and rep messages directly into Outreach. See these messages by filtering external Intercom events into your activity feed.