3rd Party Integration

Hippo Video

Connect better & convert more with personalized videos inside Outreach

Ramp-up engagement & accelerate conversions

With Hippo Video sales reps can easily record, share & track personalized videos from Outreach.

Stand out in your prospect’s inbox with video emails. Connect with prospects on a personal level, build rapport & boost response rates by adding videos in your Outreach emails, campaigns & sequences. Measure video performance and track prospects’ video activity in real-time inside Outreach. Pursue the right leads and close more deals. Get started!

Key Features

Pitch with videos

Record & share quick intros, product demos, testimonials & more, to keep your prospect engaged throughout the sales funnel & increase response rates.

Personalize at scale

Make every interaction impactful by hyper personalizing video content with your prospect’s name, company name and logo.

Nudge prospects

Add interactive elements like CTAs and calendar links in the videos, nudging prospects to take action while they are watching the video.

Video Analytics

Gain insights into your video performance and prospects interaction with videos in real-time right inside Outreach.