3rd Party Integration


Find your ideal customer faster and convert them easier

Reach the prospects that are most likely to buy from you.

Discover thousands of brand new, high-potential contacts through our unique persona-based targeting. Hiplead pushes targeted leads into their matching Outreach sequences to enable hyper-personalized email campaigns that fill your calendar with sales meetings.

    Key Features

    A steady stream of likely-to-convert prospects

    Keep your Outreach sequences fed with prospects that match your ideal customer persona, based on company size, industry, contact title, & much more.

    Let your reps focus on selling instead of lead gen

    Hiplead distributes leads among your reps' Outreach campaigns so that they start their day with engaged responses already in their inbox.

    Never source duplicate leads again

    Hiplead never sources leads that are already in your CRM (like existing opportunities, competitors or existing clients)

    Simplify your outbound with Hiplead's integrations

    Hiplead syncs with most B2B sales tools to eliminate the data management, CRM updating, & lead deduplication that steals 10+ hrs/wk from sales teams.

    Ultra-specific audiences with granular data

    Hiplead leads come with fully enriched company and contact info, so you can identify which audiences convert best and double down on them.

    Industry-leading data quality

    Our 210M+ leads (at 20M+ companies) are refreshed and verified every time you download. Guaranteed 95% accurate.