3rd Party Integration


Engage buyers with content at scale

Highspot and Outreach partnered to build the first-to-market sales engagement and enablement integration

Developed by Highspot in collaboration with Outreach, our native integration seamlessly connects Highspot’s AI-powered content recommendations, tracking, and analytics with Outreach’s communication sequences, workflows, and engagement tools. Ensure your reps have the right content to create engaging, personalized interactions with prospects throughout their buying journey by allowing them to easily find the most up-to-date, on-brand, and on-message content without ever leaving Outreach. The Highspot + Outreach integration enables powerfully streamlined and personalized communications at scale, resulting in increased rep efficiency, and the ability to engage with prospects at scale.

    Key Features

    Engage Buyers

    Empower your reps with the tools they need to make every customer interaction engaging. Use AI-powered content recommendations directly within Outreach sequences and workflows to design pitch templates and micro-portals to help merchandise content, and design custom experiences for your customers.

    Analyze Performance

    Give reps valuable insight into how prospects are engaging with content in order to help move the conversation forward. Reps can see when individual recipients view, download, or share content sent through Outreach as well as linger times on individual slides or pages.

    Save Time and Streamline Workflow

    Increase rep efficiency and maximize selling time by giving your reps seamless access to the entire Highspot content library directly within Outreach.

    Find Content

    Reduce the time it takes your reps to find content by 95% with powerful search and curated browsing experiences that make it easy for reps to locate sales content for specific selling scenarios right within Outreach.