3rd Party Integration


Make every Outreach call better than your last one

Better Conversations, More Revenue

There are two ways to generate more revenue: More sales conversations and better sales conversations. Outreach gets you more sales conversations through their voice dialer, but helping your team improve their call performance is almost impossible - unless you want to attend every call!

    Key Features

    Automatic Call Recording Import

    Automatically pull Outreach call recordings into Gong.io for analysis and review with a direct API integration

    Profile Your Top Producers

    Identify exactly what separates your best reps from the rest by analyzing what they do on their calls consistently

    Recent Calls at Your Fingertips

    Serve up an account or prospect’s previous calls directly within Outreach so you have the information to make your next call or meeting as if the last one just ended

    Super-Efficient Call Coaching

    Review calls in Gong with mind-numbing efficiency, zeroing in on key moments with keyword search, topic identification, competitor mentions, and more

    Lightning Fast Ramp Time

    Enable your new hires to have great calls right out of bootcamp. Give them the power to “follow” previously closed deals from first call to close right from the Accounts page in Outreachy device and location.