Native Integration


Personalize emails, automate tasks and track engagements

Personalization at scale

Because people are the core of your business and ours, Outreach gives you the power to reach more leads with tailored, personal interactions. For instance, you can use templates to quickly insert common text for emails through a simple picker. Or use Snippets to drop smaller bits of text, links or paragraphs anywhere in your email to answer FAQs with one click. Engage your prospect far more efficiently, with an authenticity that’s never been possible at this scale before.

    Key Features

    Send Later

    Schedule the delivery time and date of your message.


    If you don’t receive a reply, automatically follow up with your leads.

    Salesforce Posting

    Automatically post activities to Salesforce in the background, without manual actions.


    Schedule a reminder for yourself to take action on a lead.

    Click and open tracking

    See when leads click your links and open your messages, by device and location.

    Email Bump

    Set Email Bump to remind you to engage with a prospect later, right from your inbox.