3rd Party Integration


Use G2 Buyer Intent to build accurate, effective sequences.

Target the accounts showing the most interest on G2.com

This integration equips sales teams to expand their sequence catalog to include effective, custom workflows targeting accounts demonstrating intent to buy on G2.com. Whether your customer is looking at your G2 profile, G2 category, or comparing you to your competitors, this integration powers sales teams to create personalized, effective sequences that convert for every critical action your customer takes on G2.com.

    Key Features

    Efficient Workflows

    Set up trigger Outreach sequences in advance to go into effect the minute an account takes a critical action on G2.com.

    Accurate Targeting

    Put every engagement throughout your G2-informed sequence in the hands of the right account — and never mistarget or misspeak again.

    Timely Outreach

    Be the first to engage 5 million+ active buyers visiting G2.com monthly — and beat the competition to the conversation every time.