3rd Party Integration


Automatically transcribe, search, and analyze your calls made inside Outreach.

Automatically pull and transcribe calls made from Outreach.

The Fireflies.ai + Outreach integration makes it seamless to transcribe every call made inside Outreach. Transcripts will be automatically created and stored with the appropriate contact in Fireflies after calls are made from Outreach. You can then search, share, analyze, and review the important insights from meetings with customers, prospects, and teammates.

    Key Features

    Highly Accurate Transcription Quality

    Our English transcription system is trained specifically for conversations & meetings across a wide variety of industries and accents. Fireflies passes all benchmark tests with flying colors and is more than 90% accurate for most types of meetings.

    Powerful Search Capabilities

    Fireflies lets you search not just keywords but also themes and topics such as action items, dates, times, metrics, questions, sentiment, and more. You can even create your own custom topic trackers with the click of a button. Fireflies can help you automatically find discussions around objections, pricing, competitors, etc.


    Turn important parts of calls into shareable soundbite snippets that you can share.


    Leave comments at different parts of calls and a time-stamped note will be created for your teammates to jump back to. This is the perfect way to provide on-the-spot coaching or leave feedback without having a dozen email threads.


    Leave a pin, thumbs up, or thumbs down reactions at different parts of the call, and your teammates can hop back to that part of the call and listen to what was said.

    Conversation Intelligence

    With insights and call analytics, conversation intelligence allows you to identify what’s working and what is not on calls. Insights help you coach your sales team to close more deals.