3rd Party Integration

Drift Video

Fast, Personal Videos for Sales

Easily record & share, track views, and chat live alongside your video.

Video helps you stand out from the crowd by offering a whole new level of personalization to your emails. Drift Video helps salespeople using Outreach engage with more of their high-quality prospects by easily adding personalized videos right into their Outreach sequences. Send an intro video, product demos, or maybe a walkthrough of your pitch deck. The opportunities are endless.

    Key Features

    Record videos or GIFs directly from Outreach

    Stop sending faceless, robotic emails that get ignored. Start sending rich, personal messages that stick and convert.

    Track views and get notified right away

    Get instant notifications on desktop or mobile and see who watched your video and how much.

    Get Insights You Need To Close Deals Faster

    After a prospect has clicked your link and chatted with you on Drift, see a full transcript of that conversation in your Outreach activity feed. Now you have the context you need before your next step with them.

    Chat live alongside your video

    Engage your customers while they watch. Start a conversation, respond to questions, and book meetings.