3rd Party Integration


Track shared content with DocSend

The Problem
As Sales Reps engage with prospects, sharing sales content is an important step to drive the sales process forward. However, it's challenging to find what sales content produces the most prospect engagement. Without a deeper understanding of what content works, it's difficult for teams to make informed decisions about where reps should spend their time and how to adjust their sales process.

The Solution
DocSend for Outreach gives sales teams the power to track engagement with while scaling email efforts. With Campaign Links, sales teams see when, where, and how individual prospects engage with the content shared in a sequence, and get key insights to help them build more compelling sequences.

From DocSend
DocSend is the only sales content management and tracking solution that helps teams find, share, track, and present the documents that close deals. With a powerful link-based system, it's easy to analyze content performance and get visibility into target accounts. With DocSend, sales can finally connect content to business outcomes.

DocSend: Find and share the content that closes deals.