Native Integration


Call, Connect, and Coach without ever leaving Outreach

Power your voice with a fully integrated phone system

Who wants to toggle between multiple apps, screens, or windows? Not your reps, that’s for sure. With Dialpad, reps can click to call straight from inside Outreach with access to call controls, integrations with other systems like your CRM or help desk, and live call transcriptions. Have ramping reps? Coach them at scale with rep recommendation cards that pop-up when keyword triggers are mentioned, like competitors or pricing FAQs.

    Key Features

    Initiate Click to Call

    Click to call on any prospect’s phone number to initiate a new phone call straight from inside Outreach

    Access Call Controls in One Click

    Gain single-click access to call controls like record, mute, and transfer from the Dialpad Everywhere widget

    Gain a Holistic View of Your Prospect

    View prospect activity with the other tools you use (Salesforce, Zendesk, Gmail) from the Dialpad Everywhere widget

    Capture Every Word

    Real-time call transcriptions capture the entire convo so reps can stay on track without interrupting the flow of conversation

    Ramp Your Reps

    Trigger rep recommendation cards based on keywords said during calls, like competitor mentions or pricing questions