3rd Party Integration


An all-encompassing account-based approach that puts both sales and marketing on the same page

Automate sales & marketing plays across the customer journey with ease.

Traditionally, sales and marketing have operated like two ships passing in the night, connecting only as one blindly hands off leads to the other. When sales and marketing teams don’t share the same strategy, your funnel is about as efficient and effective as a fifty person conference call with a bad wifi connection. Demandbase tracks how engaged a prospect is with your marketing - which members of an account visit your website, which pages they hit, which marketing emails they read, which white papers they download. Combined with Outreach, valuable Demandbase engagement data is actionable. Now your marketing team can add their leads into an Outreach sequence directly from Demandbase. Demandbase is built for marketers, by marketers. Our proven Account Based Marketing solutions enable marketers and their companies to land and expand high value accounts. Demandbase’s ABM Platform helps B2B marketers to create and measure customer engagement, scaling the benefits of automation with the personalized benefits of the human touch.

    Key Features

    Measure Engagement for Buyers at Your Target Accounts

    See which prospects are engaging with your marketing, where those accounts are in the funnel and create lists for action.

    Automate Adding Prospects to Outreach Sequences

    Create a targeted list of prospects at target accounts and add them to an Outreach Sequence.

    Automate Removal of Prospects from Outreach Sequences

    When a prospect progresses through the funnel, keep your customer experience in sync by removing them from Outreach Sequences that no longer apply.