3rd Party Integration


Understand a prospect's personality and how to best communicate with them

Get contact personality insights from inside Outreach

For professionals in sales, communicating effectively is the only way to succeed. In the modern world, it is harder than ever to get someone’s attention and earn their trust. Crystal integrates into Outreach and shows you personality insights in each of your contact records. You can use those insights to communicate with prospects and customers in a way that resonates with their personality. This helps you accelerate the relationship, build trust faster, and have more effective communication.

    Key Features

    See anyone's personality in Outreach

    Using the Crystal integration, you can see any prospect's personality with just one click

    Master every conversation

    Get personalized, situation-specific advice to communicate effectively and write persuasively

    Understand yourself better

    Take a free personality test and understand how your natural strengths and motivations line up with your prospects, improving the relationship