3rd Party Integration

Crunchbase Pro

Discover, qualify, and connect with prospects from a single place

Build pipeline faster, improve Outreach response rates, and keep your CRM up-to-date with Crunchbase

With Crunchbase’s new integration, Outreach customers can now discover, qualify, and connect with prospects directly within Crunchbase. Start by finding decision-makers at qualified accounts. Then, push contacts to Outreach and assign them to the sequence of your choice. By prospecting all in one place, you can leverage Crunchbase's real-time buy signals and news alerts to improve response rates with more relevant, timely outreach.

    Key Features

    Streamline your workflow to build pipeline faster

    Leverage all-in-one prospecting to discover decision-makers at qualified accounts and assign them directly to Outreach sequences. View and push contacts to an existing Outreach sequence in just two clicks or push contacts to Outreach and assign them later.

    Improve response rates with more targeted outreach

    Qualify accounts before reaching out to ensure decision-makers are in a position to buy. Once you've identified the right prospects, you can send relevant outreach at the right time with the help of real-time buy signals and news alerts.

    Keep your CRM up-to-date with automatic syncing

    Automatically send contacts to Salesforce when you push them to Outreach to maintain your source of truth. With automatic contact matching, you can also prevent duplicates from cluttering your CRM.