3rd Party Integration


Consensus integrates intelligent demo automation into Outreach Sequences to scale presales and accelerate sales

Create a Better Buying and Selling Experience with demo automation

Sellers today have to engage stakeholders in larger buying groups in order to build pipeline. But it’s hard to get in front of all the right people at the right times with the right content, especially when buyers spend only 17% of their buying cycle interacting with ALL vendors. When sellers do make contact, their customers want one thing: a product demo. But the type of demo can change from customer to customer and from buying stage to buying stage. And the teams that build and deliver them are already stretched thin. Consensus Intelligent Demo Automation scales presales instantly and empowers sellers to accelerate buying decisions with on-demand and interactive video demos that are easily shareable and uncover stakeholders organically. Teams that use Outreach + Consensus engage more effectively and deliver a better buying experience that builds pipeline and shortens buying cycles.

    Key Features

    Get Instant Access to Interactive Video Demos

    Eliminate demo lag time and unqualified demos with presales-created video demos that amplify your strategic engagement. Access demo libraries directly from Outreach and stop holding buyers hostage to your calendars.

    Put your product front and center in your Sequences

    Show your product early and often, tailored to your buyers’ preferences, from within your Outreach Sequence steps. Increase connection rates and bring prospects to live conversations ready to talk specifics about your solution.

    Create powerful, personalized Templates and Snippets

    Add interactive video demos to showcase specific features or product use cases and how they apply to target verticals. Consensus video demos include an intra-viral component for champions to easily share content with all stakeholders.