3rd Party Integration

SugarCRM Powered by BrainSell

Align sales data from Outreach with your Sugar Sell platform

Bi-directional sync of sales data between Sugar and Outreach

Outreach + Sugar Sell using BrainSell = better visibility into new and existing opportunities, better lead prioritization and routing, and detailed reporting on how your teams are driving results. The bi-directional data sync ensures sales enagement activities, insights, and new efficiencies gained from Outreach are easily accessible in Sugar Sell — while removing any risks of valuable information being lost via the manual importing and exporting of data.

    Key Features

    Seamless, Real-Time Data Synchronization

    The Outreach-Sugar Integration via BrainSell syncs all your sales engagement data (i.e. calls, emails, social touches, etc.) between the two platforms

    Reduce Complexity

    Enabling users to create, update, and convert leads inside of Outreach ensures no data slips through the cracks in Sugar Sell due to human error

    All Your Data, Right Where You Need It

    Accurate data continuously synced between Outreach and Sugar via BrainSell, leading to a better understanding of buyer-rep interactions and path to purchase