3rd Party Integration


Never miss out on a hot account! Prioritize action to high intent accounts

Reach out to the accounts researching your business right now

Knowing who to call and when is a constant dilemma for every rep. With a long list of target accounts or leads to follow up on, it can be difficult to know where to begin. Bombora's Intent data is integrated with Outreach to recommend high priority tasks for accounts showing buyer intent each week. The accounts are shown with the topics they're interested in to help give context for effective sales conversations and facilitate account engagement.

    Key Features

    Automatically generated tasks based on buyer intent

    Account owners will receive up to 10 new tasks each week for the accounts showing buyer intent on relevant business topics.

    Bombora Intent topics

    View the specific list of Intent topics that your target accounts are engaging with now (e.g. email marketing, B2B data, etc.)

    Topic count

    See how many Intent topics relevant to your business that target accounts are engaged with. The greater the number, the hotter the account!