3rd Party Integration


Record & send BombBomb videos for clearer communication & more connections

Make your sales personal with BombBomb video for Outreach

Quickly & easily record or upload personal videos with BombBomb in Outreach to make your sales engagement more authentic and effective. We know how frustrating it is when your sales outreach goes ignored. Of course you’re better face to face—most sales professionals are. But when you can’t be there in person, your sales activities should be as personal, effective, and engaging as a face-to-face meeting.

    Key Features

    Record Your Camera or Screen

    BombBomb Video makes it easy to add webcam, screen capture, and uploaded videos to any Outreach email allowing you to focus on other sales activities

    No Waiting for Videos to Upload

    Our proprietary tech encodes your videos while you record them, saving you valuable time and optimizing your efficiency

    Videos Everyone Can Use

    Administrators can seamlessly share videos acoss the entire team, establishing message consistency and providing tracking on an individual level

    Receive Alerts

    You'll be alerted right within Outreach when your video is played so you can follow up when you're top of mind

    Automated Triggers

    Trigger an automated action within Outreach based on your video plays to make sure you engage with your contacts when they are thinking about you

    Get Started for Free

    Request a demo now and one of our custom solutions experts will personally show you how BombBomb Video can help you get better results today