3rd Party Integration


Automate account intelligence in Outreach to put your best pitch forward.

Intel, talking points, and leads for your pitch and talk tracks

Constantly googling to find something that’ll click with your prospects? Scouring LinkedIn Sales Navigator to find the right leads? With B2Brain, automatically get intel, talking points, and leads, for your target accounts delivered in Outreach. Import leads (with contact details) into Outreach, add them to sequences, put your best pitch forward! Get 1 extra week/mo of selling time.

    Key Features

    Connect B2Brain to Outreach and Salesforce

    Import all leads, intel, and talking points with a single click. Leverage easy integration between your favorite SEP and CRM. Get started on day one.

    Intel relevant to your business

    Get insights into key accounts. Company plans, deals, finance, hiring, expansion, product launches, media, fundraising, and everything else out there.

    Say goodbye to robotic pitches

    B2Brain distills Intel into bite-sized, ready-to-use talking points that are personalized for your business offerings.

    Recommended leads from ICP

    Open new avenues, multi thread in an account. Get leads with contact info like LI profile, email, phone numbers and location, based on your ICP.

    Easy to set up, easier to use

    Track your key accounts by adding their website. Configure your ICP. And B2Brain will notify you with new information as it happens.

    Collaborate and stay effective

    Share intel with colleagues via email, Slack, Teams. Make your SDR, AE collaboration with Marketing and Success teams truly successful.