3rd Party Integration


Increase revenue and Outreach ROI by engaging the hottest prospects with personalized messaging at the right time.

Easily build personalization and relevance into every email you send. Autobound gets you to "yes" faster, and more often.

With over 300 billion emails sent daily, rising above the noise is a must in B2B sales (Gartner). To meet quota, effective sellers need to communicate with sincere relevance, while being personalized. Unfortunately, it's difficult to both learn or scale an effective prospecting workflow. Autobound's sales intelligence platform unlocks personalization at scale by enabling sellers to engage the hottest prospects, with the best message, at the right time. An expert seller's prospecting and email-composition process, which could take 30 minutes or more, can be done instantly and at scale with Autobound. Sellers can improve the quality of their Outreach sequences using Autobound's messaging, which can be personalized based on real-time news events, job openings, technologies used, shared previous employers, mutual interests, previous interactions, closed-lost opportunities, custom CRM fields, persona, and more.

    Key Features

    Instantly personalize every email in Outreach

    Stop second-guessing what to say. Autobound instantly generates personalized content alongside the prospects you're reaching out to.

    Know who to engage, now, with trigger-based campaigns

    Don't miss a beat. Autobound suggests who to contact in an actionable feed based on relevant events (news, hiring trends, tech-used, CRM-based rules).

    Use persona-specific messaging in every interaction

    No more sending every persona the same message. Use the right pain points and value prop based on the unique persona you're reaching out to.

    Automate your workflow, wherever you are

    Stop spending so much time personalizing manual steps. Our Chrome extension provides rich insights and personalized content to use in emails, calls, InMails, and more!

    Make your next email better than your last

    Don't let the best emails you've written go to waste. With our rule builder, you can create reusable "if this, say that" messaging to enhance future campaigns across your org.

    Bi-directional sync with Outreach and Salesforce

    Autobound keeps your data in sync and leverages past interactions to spark new conversations. Salesforce isn't built for outbound sellers, Autobound is.