3rd Party Integration


Superpower your phone calls with Aircall and Outreach

Streamline your call workflows and sales processes

Aircall is the phone system for modern sales teams. Help your sales reps save time with automatic call logging and quick access to Prospect and Opportunity details during calls. Turbocharge rep productivity with click-to-call on any Outreach contact’s number to begin a new outbound call immediately. After the call ends, trigger the next step of Outreach cadences with call tags. Monitor your team’s call activity in real-time and use Aircall’s reports to analyze the impact of call activity on your pipeline. With powerful productivity and coaching features, Aircall gives sales teams the phone they need to boost productivity, have informed conversations, and close more deals.

    Key Features

    Personalize your conversations

    When making or receiving a phone call, the prospect is matched in Outreach. Name, link to their profile, and deals are instantly accessible on Aircall.

    Save time and eliminate manual data entry

    Calls will be instantly logged on the prospect page. If no prospect exists, a new one is created automatically. Focus on deals, not data entry.

    Keep the conversation going both ways

    Manage inbound calls and keep them in sync with Outreach. Click-to-call on contact numbers in Outreach to immediately dial outbound calls to prospects.

    Ensure call quality you can rely on

    No more dropped calls in the middle of qualifying an opportunity. Aircall works with best-in-class global voice carriers and additional local providers in select markets to ensure excellent call quality.

    Gain perspective on sales progress

    Aircall’s analytics helps you make data-driven decisions. Track individual and team metrics to gauge productivity and identify coaching opportunities.

    Unify communications across channels

    Log and view call activity on contact records within your CRM. Whether you use Salesforce, HubSpot, Pipedrive, or another CRM, all call details and recordings are logged there automatically.