3rd Party Integration


Create personalized, timely engagements at scale powered by 6sense AI insights

Optimize buying experiences and conversion with AI insights and intent data

6sense revenue AI insights are available within the Outreach platform for sellers to create personalized, timely engagement supported by buying stage predictions and account prioritization. The integration promotes improved deal execution by equipping revenue teams with context about accounts and contacts within their workflow. Increased efficiency results from the prioritization of sellers’ time, surfacing in-market accounts who are ready to buy and insights to deliver the most relevant messages. AI insights make it easier to surround buying teams through multi-threading, increasing the likelihood for a closed sale. With 6sense and Outreach, sales teams can better decipher buyer engagement signals, optimize buyer experience, increase efficiency and effectiveness, and align sales and marketing to ensure the right accounts are being engaged at the right time.

    Key Features

    Perfectly timed personalization
    6sense provides deep account insights, tailored talking points, intent keywords and firmographic details to ensure sellers are informed to deliver the right message at exactly the right time without the need to toggle between systems.
    Deliver superior buying experiences
    With relevant context for engagement provided by 6sense AI insights, revenue teams can use Outreach to deliver superior buying experiences with insight into buying journey stage, how and when they’ve engaged and if the account is an ideal customer profile fit.
    Prioritize engagement and super charge productivity
    Prioritize accounts to engage in-market buyers and customize your next play based on all known and anonymous account activities to increase conversion. 6sense dashboards are visible within the Outreach platform for convenience and efficiency.