Get access to the first ever Outreach Sales Benchmark Report

  • Game-changing insights that will help you compare your own metrics to other leading sales teams.
  • Recommendations to improve your own revenue metrics.
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You can fill out the survey here: Outreach Sales Benchmark Survey

Whether you're wondering how your connection rate stacks up, or wondering what sales leaders are planning for post-pandemic, this report will provide benchmark data broken out by industry, market segment, and other variables. By completing the survey, you’ll automatically receive a copy of the Outreach Benchmark Report when published.

You are able, and encouraged, to fill out the survey multiple times to reflect different sales teams across your business. You are able to complete the survey anonymously if you prefer. All survey results will be aggregated and anonymized for purposes of the Benchmark Report. All survey responses are confidential; you will not be contacted regarding your survey response.

Questions or concerns can be directed to: - c/o Notices - 333 Elliot Avenue W - Suite 500 - Seattle, WA 98119