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Increasing Deal Velocity & Win Rates

Hosted on the third Tuesday of every month @ 9:00 AM Central European Time (CET)

    The headwinds in the current economic climate have resulted in a number of challenges for sales professionals. Budgets are more restrictive, buying committees have increased and ultimately deal cycles have elongated. Having the needed pipeline coverage is key, but if you aren’t effectively moving those deals through the funnel you’re delaying revenue, or worse, losing the deal entirely. 

    Join us to learn how you can create and close more pipeline across your team with:

    • Gain visibility into you team’s activity and prospect engagement
    • Improve coaching capabilities through insight-driven reporting 
    • Effective deal management  with Deal Health and Success Plans
    • Understanding the  optimal AE workflow to drive adoption across your team
    • And so much more…. 

    Learn from the Outreach Sales Leaders how their teams are creating and closing more pipeline.

    All sessions will be recorded and available to each participant following the end of the session. 

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