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Actionable Experiments and Insights from How Outreach Does Outreach

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Pipeline Generation

When Over 50% of Your Prospects Go Quiet — Here’s How to Get Them Talking Again

Mark Kosoglow | VP of Sales's Avatar

Mark Kosoglow | VP of Sales

Even when your reps get a conversation started, prospects are prone to ghosting. After prospects reply to the rep’s initial email, only about half will respond again. So how do you re engage?

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Revenue Operations

These 3 Workflows Drive Our Industry-leading Retention Rate

Chris Nag's Avatar

Chris Nag

Businesses live or die on their retention rate; anything over a 5% annual churn can put you in a world of hurt. But keep your churn low and you’ll prepare your business for sustainable, long-term growth.

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Pipeline Generation

Response Rate Doesn’t Help You Optimize Sequences. (Here’s What Does.)

Meghan Donovan, Sales Sequence Specialist at Outreach's Avatar

Meghan Donovan, Sales Sequence Specialist at Outreach

When sales reps select email variants based on response rates, they choose underperforming options 40% of the time. But what about accounting for sentiment? We recently put sentiment to the test in a sequence targeting marketing leaders.

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How to Organize a Virtual Event That Actually Drives Revenue

Harmony Anderson, Senior Director of Demand Generation & Events at Outreach's Avatar

Harmony Anderson, Senior Director of Demand Generation & Events at Outreach

When we transformed Unleash into the Unleash Virtual Summit, we launched the largest virtual sales conference in the country, completely redesigned our engagement strategy, and influenced $119 million in pipeline.

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Pipeline Generation Deal Management Sales Management

Why (and How) We Started Asking Our AEs to Source 30% of Pipeline

Cassie Pless, Corporate Sales Manager at Outreach's Avatar

Cassie Pless, Corporate Sales Manager at Outreach

By asking our AEs to self-source top tier opportunities after the start of the pandemic, we brought in more decision makers earlier and built an Account-Based Sales muscle.

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