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Actionable Experiments and Insights from How Outreach Does Outreach

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Revenue Operations

How We Use Activity-based Sequences to Reduce Churn

Luke Ferrel, Sr Director of Customer Success's Avatar

Luke Ferrel, Sr Director of Customer Success

Good retention relies on your ability to get in front of the problem. At Outreach, we’re using activity-based customer health warnings to catch and solve problems early.

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Revenue Operations

How the Flipped Classroom Model Reduced Onboarding Time by 83%

Sean Gabrus, Sr. Manager of Shared Services Practice's Avatar

Sean Gabrus, Sr. Manager of Shared Services Practice

Our new onboarding process for micro and emerging businesses reduced the time new customers spend on onboarding calls from 12 hours to just two—an 83% improvement. Better yet, it allowed our customers to learn at their own pace. Here's how.

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Revenue Operations

These 3 Workflows Drive Our Industry-leading Retention Rate

Chris Nag's Avatar

Chris Nag

Businesses live or die on their retention rate; anything over a 5% annual churn can put you in a world of hurt. But keep your churn low and you’ll prepare your business for sustainable, long-term growth.

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