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Actionable Experiments and Insights from How Outreach Does Outreach

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Pipeline Generation Sales Management

How We Increased SDR Qualified Opportunities by 92% with Strategic Sequences

Lauren Wadsworth, VP Global Sales Development, Segment's Avatar

Lauren Wadsworth, VP Global Sales Development, Segment

With sequences featuring customizable templates, we got our sales development team out there selling (not stuck in spreadsheets). Here’s how we integrated automation without losing personality.

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Pipeline Generation Marketing

You're Losing Inbound Leads With a Delayed Response Time — Here’s How We Reply in Under 3 Minutes

Kelly Justice, Senior Manager, Demand Generation at Outreach's Avatar

Kelly Justice, Senior Manager, Demand Generation at Outreach

At Outreach, we have designed an efficient inbound lead workflow. It’s highly automated to our sales team, so follow up actions with appropriate content rarely fall through the cracks—and each stage is coupled with detailed reporting. Our response time from a lead filling a form on our site to a rep reaching out with a personalized email is no longer than three minutes. Want to know how we do it?

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Pipeline Generation Deal Management

How Referral Selling Saved the Day When In-Person Was No Longer an Option

Scott Barker, Head of Strategic Engagement's Avatar

Scott Barker, Head of Strategic Engagement

Leads with a trusted referral were 82% more likely to SAL than ones that did not come through the referral network. Check out our latest Outreach on Outreach article to learn how.

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Pipeline Generation

When Over 50% of Your Prospects Go Quiet — Here’s How to Get Them Talking Again

Mark Kosoglow | VP of Sales's Avatar

Mark Kosoglow | VP of Sales

Even when your reps get a conversation started, prospects are prone to ghosting. After prospects reply to the rep’s initial email, only about half will respond again. So how do you re engage?

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Pipeline Generation

Response Rate Doesn’t Help You Optimize Sequences. (Here’s What Does.)

Meghan Donovan, Sales Sequence Specialist at Outreach's Avatar

Meghan Donovan, Sales Sequence Specialist at Outreach

When sales reps select email variants based on response rates, they choose underperforming options 40% of the time. But what about accounting for sentiment? We recently put sentiment to the test in a sequence targeting marketing leaders.

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