How to Expect the Unexpected: The Real-Time Enablement Playbook

On-Demand Webinar

The world is opening more and more every day, and we revenue teams find ourselves facing a quick-moving global market. Even worse, buyer expectations are higher than ever, and they don’t think sales reps are keeping up.

We know we must pivot our sales strategies again. It’s not enough to operate in the same way we always have. We must train our sellers differently. But how?

With real-time rep enablement.

Watch our webinar to start taking the necessary steps to create a better buying experience for both sellers and customers.

  • Revenue teams onboard, train, and coach reps so they can close deals faster.
  • Reps become “audible-ready” to make conversations with buyers more effective.
  • Sales leaders coach reps with greater precision — in the moment.
  • Sales and marketing teams stay aligned in a quick-moving global market.


Whitney Sieck, Sr. Director of Revenue Enablement @ Outreach

Anna Vuong, Sr. Manager of Sales Enablement - Manager Excellence @ Zoom