The Secrets to Effectively Coaching Your Reps

On-Demand Webinar

Sales leaders are called on to be everything from the quarterback to the cheerleader. More than ever, they’re also required to lead as head coach. Reps are operating in a remote, buyer-centric environment, and buyers expect them to adjust accordingly. It’s a sales leader’s job to coach their team proactively and effectively.

Listen to our round-table discussion with thought leaders on best practices for strategically coaching reps on a buyer-centric approach – ultimately helping them close deals faster.

During the discussion, you’ll learn:

  • The best ways to arm your reps with customer-centric messaging to build stronger engagement
  • How sales leaders can support their teams by instilling customer confidence at each opportunity
  • How sales leaders can help their reps deliver a consistent, trusted customer experience through the full deal process


Mary Shea, PhD, VP of Global Innovation @ Outreach

Anna Baird, CRO @ Outreach

Dan Gottlieb, Director Analyst @ TOPO (now Gartner)