Improve the Effectiveness of Your Sellers with Outreach Kaia

On-Demand Webinar

For every 60-minute call, a sales rep spends 90 minutes prepping and following up. That’s a lot of time lost to tasks that don't directly move a deal forward. What if you could spend less time on this tedious admin work and more time selling?

If you’re saying, “Sign me up,” then listen to our popular discussion from Unleash 2021 about how revenue experts leverage Outreach Kaia in their roles to deliver greater value in every customer interaction.

Watch the webinar to learn more about:

  • How Kaia enables more effective selling and better buyer experiences
  • What reimagined conversation intelligence looks like for both account executives and sales managers
  • How sales reps can access the critical information they need, exactly when they need it


Clara Hughes, Corporate Growth Account Executive @ Outreach

Alex Kremer, Corporate Sales Director @ Outreach